Moonboon was founded by Marie, a mother of two from Copenhagen, together with her husband, Adam, in 2019. After the birth of her first son, Marie quickly realized that in order to be the mother she wanted to be, sleep was crucial, and she just wasn't getting enough of it. There was no one-off answer on how to get good sleep and what had worked for her friends and family just wasn't working for her and her son.

So, after countless sleepless nights trying to get her son to sleep, Marie set out to find a solution that would improve her son’s sleep quality and be a helping hand to parents by taking some of the weight off their shoulders. This led to the development of Moonboon and the birth of the first Moonboon baby hammocks with the motor, as well as many more hours of good sleep for Marie, Adam and their son.

"When founding Moonboon my mission was always to help give every family the same chance to be the happiest and best version of themselves that I had. Getting more and better sleep was the first step in that direction, making me feel more well-rested and able to enjoy every waking second with my son to the fullest. I hope that our products can help you have the same experience!"

Not than just a baby hammock


Over half a decade and +150,000 happy parents later, Moonboon still has the same goal – helping babies and children sleep more and better and thereby support you on your parenthood journey. That is also why it is essential to us that all our products are safe and developed in close collaboration with experts, are aesthetic and represent Scandinavian design. In addition, it is important to us that we produce with respect for the environment, because everything we at Moonboon do is done out of the greatest love for the littlest ones.

We hope that you can feel that love in our many products, designs and articles.


Since 2019, we at Moonboon have introduced our products bringing better sleep to over 60 countries all around the world - and we're not done yet.


It is vital to us that all our products are developed with experts. Therefore we work with a range of experts from different countries with over 55 years of combined experience.


Over the years our product portfolio has grown to incorporate more than 40 different products to provide your child with the best sleep experience possible.


To provide you with the best experience, our products are available in selected retailer locations allowing you to interact with them on-site.



From day 1, our top priority has always been the safety of our products, which is why we design, develop, and test them in Denmark together with sleep experts and engineers. We rigorously test and ensure adherence to the highest safety standards, proudly maintaining our GOTS certification, signifying not only the use of organic materials but also our responsible production practices.


As parents ourselves, we understand the importance of quality for our children, which is why we invest a lot of time in research and collaborate with renowned experts, such as child-sleep consultants, midwives, engineers, paediatricians and many more to ensure the utmost quality of every Moonboon product.

Respect for the environment

Caring for the environment is paramount to us. Our products prioritize natural materials, such as using 100% organic cotton in all our textile products, such as our baby hammocks. As a GOTS-certified company, we're dedicated to ethical practices, using natural, high-quality materials produced responsibly from start to finish.

Scandinavian design

Our vision for all our products is that they embody the key traits of Scandinavian design – a minimalist aesthetic, design that follows function, honesty in craft and attention to detail. It is this aesthetic that defines our designs at Moonboon and therefore translate this vision into beautiful, timeless products that are characterized by a connection to nature.

Want to join us?

As we continue to grow, we are always for bright and ambitious minds to join us on our journey to bring more and better sleep to more families around the world. So, if you are looking for a fast-paced and challenging, yet rewarding career, then we encourage you to explore the positions!