Cradle Bouncers

Why a cradle bouncer?

The virtually silent helping hand that never tires. Moonboon's cradle bouncers have been developed in close collaboration with experts to gently and safely rock your baby to sleep.

Designed, developed, and safety tested in Denmark, you can have peace of mind using our cradle bouncers. They can help your baby develop healthy sleep routines and bring sweet dreams to your whole household, whilst giving you some time to yourself.

Why choose the Motor Connect?


Experience a nearly silent motor – even better sleep for the entire household. The gentle bouncing is not only nearly inaudible but will also bring peaceful silence to your home.


Nothing is more important than your baby's safety. Therefore our motor has a safety feature to stop it if its interfered with, our springs come with saftey-straps and our carabiners are fitted with anti-friction parts.


Safety comes first. That's why our products are developed with sleep experts, engineers and safety consultants.

What do other parents say?

The Moonboon Motor is a real lifesaver - the rocking motion from the motor quickly gives my baby a sense of security, and as a result, she falls asleep quickly.
- Anne R
I expected the baby hammock to help my baby fall asleep, but, in reality, it's the motor that truly aids her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Moonboon to anyone with a baby.
- Abigail R
When we got it and placed her in the baby hammock, it took a minute from when we turned on the motor until she was asleep, and she slept for many hours.
- Lilly S

Choose Safety

You never compromise on your baby’s safety, and we don’t either! Therefore we have created an overview of important things to keep in mind when shopping baby sleep products, so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.