Essential Bundle - Twin Baby Hammock

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Double the love, but also double the arms needed to soothe the little ones. The baby hammock for twins is the perfect helping hand to gently rock the twins off to sleep in a cozy and safe space.

  • More and better sleep for your baby - and for you
  • Virtually silent motor
  • Double the love - double the sleep
Motor: Original
Why choose the Motor Connect?

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With two babies comes double the joy, but also sometimes double the hard work. Help is at hand, this all-in-one bundle can help your twin bundles get more and better sleep with ease.

Designed and developed by sleep experts in Denmark, the twin baby hammock is made with soft and kind materials such as GOTS-certified cotton, kapok for the mattress and walnut-wood for the cross pin. Moreover, the twin hammock is tested to adhere to the strictest European safety standards. Meanwhile one of our quiet Motors can be set to rock your little ones to sleep the speed and duration of your choosing. You have the choice between our Motor Original or our app-conrolled Motor Connect.

This cozy combination will help your babies get to sleep faster and get more good quality sleep to help them develop, whilst giving you the chance to rest yourself.

Twin Baby Hammock
1 x GOTS-certified twin baby hammock of 100% organic cotton
2 x GOTS-certified mattresses of organic kapok with a cover of 100% organic cotton
1 x Cross pin from walnut and treated with beeswax
1 x Spring for cradle and twin baby hammock with a swivel snap hook, safety strap and spring cover
2 x Triangle carabiners
2 x Plastic parts to assemble the metal parts of the twin baby hammock

1 x Motor Original or Motor Connect
1 x 24V power supply and 10 feet / 3 meters of cord*
2 x safety snap hooks with plastic parts

*Please remember to order a multi adapter kit for US, UK and AUS plugs if you do not live in the EU.


Moonboon’s twin baby hammock is made of 100% organic and GOTS-certified cotton of the best quality. The cross pin is from solid walnut treated with beeswax for a nice finish and to maintain its colour. The two organic kapok mattresses are GOTS-certified and have a 100% organic cover. The ties are also 100% organic cotton.

Maximum load capacity for twin baby hammock
Moonboon’s twin baby hammock has been developed for twins of a combined weight of 4-20 kg.

Combined measurements of the twin baby hammock:
Width: 70 cm
Length: 95 cm

Interior dimensions of each hammock:
Width: 35 cm
Length: 95 cm

Cross pin width:
61 cm

Combined weight:
1.8 kg

Maximum load capacity for Motor
4 - 20 kg
Add the Spring+ to your cart if total weight of children is 12-20 kg.

Maximum operating power
15 W

Power supply Input: 100-240V - 50/60Hz

How to use without the Motor: Use the twin baby hammock with accompanying spring from infancy until the twins weigh a combined 12 kg.

How to use with the Motor: Use the twin baby hammock with accompanying spring and the Motor when the twins have a combined weight of 4-12 kg. Moonboon’s Spring+ for cradle and twin baby hammock can be purchased separately and used when the twins have a combined weight of 12-20 kg.

Safety and certifications:
Nothing is good enough when it comes to the safety of our children. At Moonboon we go an extra mile compared to the rest of the market to ensure our products are a safe as possible. As a company, we have been GOTS-certified and all of our baby hammock and cradles are GOTS-certified.

Maintenance: The twin baby hammock can be washed by hand or in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Avoid any chemical cleaning. Do not use bleach or dry in the tumble dryer. We recommend that you do not wash your kapok mattress, but rather shake it regularly or hang it outdoors to aerate where possible.

Accessories The twin baby hammock works with Moonboon’s spring and motor system.

The twin baby hammock works with Moonboon’s spring and motor system.
Motor Original and Motor Connect
Tripod stand
Hammock stiffener
Waterproof mattress protector
Mosquito net
Mounting kit
Door frame clamp
Sheet for the baby hammock

Always read the user manual carefully before use. If you have any further questions you can always read more in our FAQ.

1. Installation:
Ensure you set-up the baby hammock securely and safely in accordance with the user manual.

2. Environment:
Prepare a calm and quiet area of your home for the baby hammock to be used in – this will help deliver a great sleeping environment. Try placing a familiar item such as a muslin cloth or stuffed toy in the baby hammock for a few days before you introduce it to your baby. This familiar smell will help baby adapt to their new sleeping surrounds.

3. Start slow:
Rocking should be introduced gently and slowly – either manually or with our Moonboon Motor. You can gradually increase the tempo and duration of rocking as your baby gets used to it. You’ll soon learn what works for you.

Every baby is different, and some may take longer than others to adapt to the baby hammock. Be patient, observe their cues, and make adjustments accordingly.

Remember you can always contact our customer service team at or by calling +45 89 87 75 75.

If you're not sure what accessories are right for you and your babies, then this might be the right thing for you! We’ve collected a few accessories here, which we call our essentials for the Twin Baby Hammock.

First off, we recommend the hammock stiffener, which will extend and slightly flatten the lying base of the hammocks and give your babies more space, extending the time you can use the hammock for. We also always recommend a waterproof mattress protector, because little accidents can always happen and it’s nice to know that no matter what your baby hammock won’t be ruined. Both of these can nicely be paired with our sheets for the baby hammock to round off the look inside your babies’ sleep spaces.

We also love to recommend adding the heaven canopy to your twin baby hammock to reduce ambient light and minimize sleep disturbances, as well as an added layer of safety with the Mattress Fixi that keeps your little ones lying snug and centered on their mattresses.

Finally, we advise you to choose your preferred method of mounting, where we recommend our sleek ceiling mounting kit or our portable door frame clamp.

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To make it as easy as possible for you, we have created this bundle with all the essentials you need for more and better sleep for your baby, and for you.


Experience a nearly silent motor – even better sleep for the entire household. The gentle bouncing is not only nearly inaudible but will also bring peaceful silence to your home.


Twins find comfort in each other' presence and sleep well together. With the twin baby hammock, your babies can sleep at the same time or separately, depending on their sleep rhythms.



Create the perfect sleep space for your little one with our fixed bundles including either baby hammock or cradle with a motor, mounting essentials, and a selection of accessories for your ultimate dream bundle. 

What other parents Say

"The baby hammock gives my daughter a sense of security, and she almost instantly calms down from the rocking motion provided by the motor. A real lifesaver."
- Anne R, The Netherlands
"I can only say that all "need to have”-lists out there need to be updated to include a Moonboon baby hammock. I can only give Moonboon my warmest recommendations."
- Cathrine G, Denmark
"My older daughter also needs love and attention, so I can’t always rock my baby to sleep. I would recommend it to everyone, it just makes life so much easier!"
- Sasha, The Netherlands

If it's not safe, we don't sell it

Choose Safety

You never compromise on your baby’s safety, and we don’t either! Therefore we have created an overview of important things to keep in mind when shopping baby sleep products, so that you and your baby can sleep soundly.